5 easy ways to make money online

By Thomas Carey / August 11, 2016

There are numerous different ways you could make money online. Some of them require as much time as a full-time job, and yet some of them are low maintenance, no risk, quick and easy tasks. The money you earn, of course, depends on which of these jobs you do.

In this article, we will go over five different easy ways you could make money, so stay tuned and learn something new.

Affiliate marketing

Now, this falls into a category maybe between a full-time job and a side job for some quick money. If you spend enough time developing your website and attract enough traffic, you could easily earn a lot of money.

Affiliate websites work like this – You advertise someone else’s goods and get a commission for every sale they made through your website.In order to establish such connection, all you have to do is sign up to an affiliate network like Affiliate Window, browse their products and see which one you think you could advertise the most to the people who visit your website.

Recycling Mobile Phones

Mobile phones tend to break or get damaged easily. We’re sure you have at least one phone in your house just lying around, not being used because it’s outdated or broken. You can use this to your advantage and actually earn some money.celular-antigo

In one case, a broken iPhone 5 was recycled for 200 dollars; that’s not a small sum of money for a phone you otherwise wouldn’t know what to do with.The price you get will mainly depend on the condition of the phone, so not every brand will sell the same. In order to get the fairest price, you should visit Mobile Cash Mate.


Clickworker is a concept based on internet crowdsourcing where companies advertise their specific tasks which they want to be done quickly. In order to get it done quick, they break down the task into many different segments which usually involve some mindless data entry, form filling and such.This is great for people who want to score some money relatively fast without much effort.

Claim Back Taxes

Students who are working part-time jobs over the summer usually pay a lot more taxes than they should. This happens due to various reasons, but without going into detail, you can actually claim back the tax you didn’t have to pay.There is a simple app which determines how much you should’ve paid, and all the rest should be returned to you.

Get money back while shopping

GivingAssistant1This method isn’t supposed to make money for you, but rather to help you save it. For each purchase, you can get money back, whether it be ten percent or zero points five. However you look at it, you are making money. There are numerous websites which calculate the commission you can take back, the commission they would have otherwise earned.

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